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Referee Box Lacrosse Clinisx

Posted by JDF Webmaster at May 28, 2021 11:07PM PDT

Good day JDF box referees,

Great news, the British Columbia Lacrosse Officials Technical Support Group (BCLOTSG) will be offering some box lacrosse clinics in the next few weeks (starting June 5 & 6).

Unfortunately these sessions will only be for returning Level 1 and Level 2 referees who signed up and attended a clinic in 2020 or refereed in 2019. These returning referees will not be charged a clinic fee. The entry level clinics will not be offered this year.

With the possibility of having a limited number of games and only a few zoom clinics being offered, we will be limited to the number of referees we can register for these clinics. Class sizes are limited to 35 participants from all of BC.

These clinics will be conducted online through the Zoom program, so you must have access to a microphone and online camera.

The BCLA will only take registrations directly from the Associations and not individual referees. This means that you must contact our ref allocator at and give them your information. Please also include the clinic level you took and what level of games you last reffed.

Registration with the BCLA will be on a first come, first served basis so it’s important that you get registered with JDF as soon as possible.

Note that any referee that get registered for a clinic and does not show up will be subject to the registration fee.

Rob Cook
Head Official, JDF Lacrosse

JDF Season Update

Posted by JDF Webmaster at Feb 22, 2021 7:05PM PST

JDF Lacrosse Members,

As most of you have heard or have seen on social media that our floor time at Eagle Ridge has been cancelled. These floor times were to be used for assessing our players for the divisions of Novice to Midget in the hopes of having all the players reviewed for their skills and abilities. This was to help us make decisions on forming teams for the season. Unfortunately, we do not have a lot of options for indoor dry floor right now. However, we have been successful in securing short term floor time this coming week at Pearkes Field House, but it comes with further restrictions and new guidelines. At this point we will be using this floor time simply as “back to the box” which will allow the players to get out and practice. We will be moving the assessment process to a later date.
As for our Mini-tyke and Tyke divisions our season does not start until mid-March so we most likely will see you out in the JDF Box soon unless we are able to obtain further indoor floor time so again watch your emails.
Thank you for your patience during these challenging times.

JDF Lacrosse Executive

JDF Lacrosse Preseason Update

Posted by JDF Webmaster at Jan 13, 2021 12:43AM PST

Hello All,

As our season is about to get rolling over the next few months, I thought now was a good time to reach out to everyone. First, I hope everyone was able to enjoy the holiday season even during these strange and unprecedented times. Staying safe, happy, and healthy are the most important goals moving into the year 2021. JDF Lacrosse, the Island Commission and BCLA are doing our best to be able to provide the sport we all love with these goals for 2021. Please bear with us while we navigate yet another season of uncertainties.

What we can tell you is that we are expecting to have some type of season, of course not our normal crazy chaos of tournaments and lots of travel but we are expecting we will be able to have games none the less. What and how this will look – we are not quite sure yet. We are learning just like everyone else that we will need to become very fluid in our decisions and that things may change on a moment notice. Currently, the associations on the island are starting to open their registration, check on availability of the facilities and will be meeting next month to discuss what is best for the leagues with the information that is current at that time.

As for JDF our registration is open, and we have booked floor time at Eagle Ridge for assessments (Starting January 21st). Our normal home floor in the JDF Arena is in the middle of renovations. We have been told that those are expected to be finished prior to our normal season floor time that starts in April. As for the pre-season floor time – typically, we do tryouts starting at the end of January and then move on to assessments of the rest of the players and finish up mid-March. Due to multiple factors, this season we are doing something different – we will be assessing all players. If you have not registered yet please do so as soon as possible so that we can prepare our groups for the upcoming floor time. Having said this – we all understand that financially this could be a challenge (especially during these times) please reach out to Evelyn Sutton who is our association registrar to find out ways that may help get your player on the floor.

Normally the midget division starts their season at the beginning of April with all other divisions following suit, we are hoping this won’t change but that will be dictated by the current Health orders at that the time, please watch your emails, our website and our social media for more information to come.

Until our next update if there are any questions, concerns or if you want to volunteer during this season please do not hesitate to reach out to one of our executive members.

Please stay safe, stay healthy and see you at the box!

Ryan Hyland
Juan De Fuca Lacrosse

Registration is now open!

Posted by Juan de Fuca Lacrosse at Jan 4, 2021 11:37AM PST

Registration for the 2021 season is now open, check out all the details on the REGISTRATION page.

Lacrosse activities postponed

Posted by JDF Webmaster at Mar 15, 2020 10:18AM PDT

The well being of our players, families, coaches, officials and community is important to us, therefore JDF Lacrosse will be following the recommendation of the Canadian Lacrosse Association (CLA)

and postponing all JDF Lacrosse Activities until April 5th, 2020. All activities are impacted and include games, practices, Bring a Buddy and free sessions.

Please note, there is no indication at this moment that the season will be cancelled. We will post additional updates as available.