Parent Notice

Posted by JDF Webmaster on Jan 22 2019 at 12:52PM PST in 2019

JDF Lacrosse Parents,

This is to inform you of some of the upcoming changes for rules in the lower divisions, particularly for Tyke and Novice, here on the Island for the 2019 season. While all of the details are still being worked out, the major changes are outlined below:

- Tyke will now be 3 on 3 across the Island
- The Island associations will be using a modified CLA rule book “Option X”of the Tyke Rules
- This is played across the width of the box (like Mini-Tyke)
- For full details “Option X” is on page 143 of 2017-2018_CLA_Box_Lacrosse_Rule_and_Situation_Handbook)
- This style of play offer players increased ball time when on the floor and is felt to enhance skill development (both of those are expected to give the players a better lacrosse experience in all respects)

- Novice contact will now be ‘place and push’ rather than full ‘hitting’
- Novice will remain 5 on 5 full box
- The Island Associations will be going with a modified ‘Option A’ form the CLA Rule Book
- Option A is on page 145 of 2017-2018_CLA_Box_Lacrosse_Rule_and_Situation_Handbook
- Novice will not be tiered on the Island, teams will be balanced based on assessments

For novice, we are aware that tournaments off the Island will be played by the rules that are submitted by the tournament, and we are expecting that tournaments on the mainland will not be place and push they will be by the rules used here in the past. Individual teams, coaches and of course parents will need to consider this when making applications to tournaments this year.

Island associations are looking at these Options and may propose some changes (to be approved by the Presidents and then the Island). All of us will be paying attention to what parents have to say over the next few weeks. These changes are not being made lightly and are being done to promote player safety, enjoyment and long-term development.

There will be a meeting for parents at the first Novice Assessments. We’re planning to do them just before/as the assessments get started. We’ll have the first group (Names stating with A-L) on Saturday, January 26th at 2 pm at Eagle Ridge Arena. Second group (Names M-Z) on Friday, Feb 8th at 6:30.

There are still details to be worked out, but hopefully this email will answer some questions and concerns in the meantime.

Thank you.

Gord Sharpe
JDF Lacrosse VP2

Note: The CLA Rules can be found online here: